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pool design bilt rite pools

Pool Design Bilt Rite Pools

Deciding to have a swimming pool made is an important decision. It comes with a tremendous investment from its construction, maintenance, and upkeep. Of course, you also get to enjoy many benefits. Aside from having a beautiful addition to your home, you now have a fun space to gather your family and friends. It also adds value to your home.


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Types of Inground Pools

You can choose between three main inground pool types.

You can choose the design, shape, and depth of your concrete pool. Concrete pools are customizable and durable. Shotcrete and gunite techniques are the most common types of building a concrete pool.

Fiberglass pools are prefabricated. You might be limited in size and design choices, but they are easy to install. After excavation, fiberglass pool installation comes up next.

Vinyl is another easily customizable option. You can choose from different vinyl styles and patterns. Expect a longer lifespan with newer models of vinyl due to the addition of fungus and UV-inhibitors.

Custom Pool Design

A custom pool design needs to meet some fundamental criteria. First, function – the design should serve a purpose that focuses on comfort and convenience. What good is a swimming pool that’s too shallow or too deep for your needs?

Second, beauty – there needs to be a balance between form, color, and texture for a cohesive look in your backyard. All these elements should mix effortlessly.

Lastly, cost – the designer and builders should be able to build you a swimming pool that’s both beautiful and functional and within your budget. With financing options available to you, getting the swimming pool of your dreams shouldn’t be difficult.

Pool Shapes

Once you have decided what type of inground pool is best for you and your family, now you can work on the shape.

Here are some styles to choose from:

As the name suggests, freeform pools are those with no set lines or shapes. They can have irregular shapes with curving or flowing lines. Generally, they can look like ponds or lakes. Designers and builders of freeform pools also tend to use materials that resemble those found in nature.

Freeform form pools often have rock and waterfall features. The pool design depends on your preference. With freeform pools, you can choose the perfect design that will fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Modern pools typically have straight lines and sharp edges. They are sometimes called geometric pools. Modern pools are perfect if you want to have a contemporary backyard design. Modern pools can accommodate a built-in cover.

Professional landscaping, different options for entry, and vanishing edges are just some of the features that enhance the look of modern pools even further. Because modern swimming pools tend to be minimalist in design, it’s suitable amid stunning surroundings. Your simple pool design would be the perfect complement to an already great outdoors.

Tuscan pool designs feature formal elements usually found in ancient art. They start as rectangular pools but have stylized corners and rounded ends. Tuscan swimming pools are perfect for classical or Grecian-themed homes.

Fire pits and other water features look great on Tuscan-style swimming pools. Travertine coping or decking completes the look and makes your swimming pool look like it was from another time.

Swimming pool shapes and designs that emerged after World War 2 are also known as retro pools. Pool designs from this era emphasized a continuous flow from the indoors to the outdoors.

This swimming pool design has a clean style with simple curves and does away with busy, ornamental details. You can complement your swimming pool with retro outdoor decor for a retro look that invokes fun times.

Pool Construction

There are three phases involved when constructing your swimming pool. The first one is choosing a contractor and planning your pool project. The second one includes the actual construction of your pool. The final step is to process quality checks. Expect the following activities to take place:

  • Site preparation
  • Excavation
  • Plumbing and equipment installation
  • Rebar installation
  • Electrical works
  • Inspection
  • Installing barriers
  • Concrete is poured or sprayed to make the pool shell

We design and build not just your swimming pool but also all the other elements in your backyard to make it your oasis. At Bilt Rite Pools, we will turn your dream pool into reality! We also offer pool repair, pool cleaning, and pool maintenance services!

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